How I Made $233,078.94 From One Blog


screenshot of my affiliate account with HCG Complex

In this post I will reveal everything I did to make $233,078.94. This was achieved with one blog and no product of my own.

I am an affiliate marketer i.e I promote other people’s product and earn a commission for each sales.

For the past 4 years I have promoted more than 35 products. But none have been so promising and rewarding as HCG Complex.

HCG Complex pays a flat commission of $40 for each sale.

This is how I got started:

First I joined

This is a network which has several affiliate offers to choose from. I searched for top offers in Health & Beauty category.

(when choosing an offer try choosing from Health, Wealth and Relationship categories)

Several offers were shown but one caught my attention. It was an offer from HCG Triumph (

HCG triumph sells HCG drops used by people following the HCG Diet.

Back when I started, HCG Diet was popular.

Therefore I researched for keywords related to ‘HCG Drops’. I found 4 keywords that attracted at least 1500 searches per month each.

Those keywords are:

  1. real HCG drops
  2. best HCG drops
  3. HCG drops reviews and
  4. where to buy HCG drops

Next I built a website on all these keywords. Then I started to rank the website for the above keywords.

For example:

If you searched for ‘real HCG drops’ I wanted my site to be on the first page of Google.

If your site was on the second or third page no one is going to even look at it. Therefore, it became crucial to bring my site on first page.

The Crucial Step of Making A Sale:

Even though my site reached first page for several keywords it wasn’t making much of a sale.

The content on my website was a hard sell.

I wrote a brief review as to which is the best HCG drop and asked readers to buy it.

Later I decided to compare HCG drops.

I created a comparison chart of three HCG drops brand. These HCG drops were compared using various factors like purity, effectiveness, price, reorder rate etc.

Finally, I gave HCG Triumph #1 rank and said this is best among them all.

However, I also added below that they can purchase any HCG drop they wish to. By doing so I didn’t sound like someone who was trying to push a product.

Guess what, most people ended up buying HCG Triumph.

Then within a month HCG Complex contacted me. They were willing to pay me flat $40 If I promoted their product.

HCG Triumph paid me 15% commission. Their average order gave me a commission of $21 only.

When I started promoting HCG Complex my average commission was $40 which is double of HCG Triumph.

And for the past four years I am still promoting HCG Complex without any issues.

This is How You Too Can Do It:

Register with ClickBank or ShareASale (Its 100% Free)

Choose an product to promote. The offer must be within Health, Wealth and Relationship niche.

Purchase a domain name and hosting from BlueHost Or you can use free sites like Blogger. However, note that ranking a free blogger site is harder and moreover, people don’t trust free websites much.

Once, you have your website ready write content regarding the offer you chose.

For example, if you chose a weight loss product, write a review about the product, write how great the product is and write about its effectiveness.

If possible try to target some specific keywords (like I did with HCG drops)

And get it ranked on Google’s 1st page for that specific keywords.

How Much Money Will I Make?

This all depends on the commission you get + the number of people who purchase from you.

Let suppose you chose a product that pays $25 commission for each sale. And if just 100 people buy the product from you in a given month then you will earn $25×100 = $2500

The above was just an example. If you promote a high ticket (high commission product) then your earnings will be more.

Here is an example of High ticket product.

I run a website called (I use a fake personality called Sam Wilson)

The website promotes grow tent packages which sells anywhere between $1k to $5k.

For each sale I get 10% commission.

Below is a screenshot of a sale and my commission value.

The merchant is SuperCloset and this offer is available at