How I Went from $0 to $233,078.94 & How I Make $4,000+/Month Consistently for the Last Four Years

You will learn, step by step, as to how I went from $0 to $233,078.94. Before that, you may need to look at below screenshot for proof.


As you can see, $2,000 is yet to be paid (excluding some refunds marked in red and orange) and its only beginning of the month.

By the way, I am making consistent income from 2014 January till date.


I am not showing these screenshots to brag. But to provide proof.

In a minute I will provide all the details as to the niche I chose, type of product I promoted, how  I used a high converting template and how to rank the site to top 3 for free organic traffic.

But let me introduce myself.

My name is Richie Richardson and I am a B.E Marine graduate from Anna University. I belong to the academic year 2007-2011. I come from a poor family. Family so poor that I couldn’t pay my college fee (even after getting an education loan of 4 lakh = $6k approx). The total fee for 4 year college education was 7 lakh ($11k approx). After paying 4 lakh, obtained from Indian Bank as loan, my Dad was able to pay another 1.5 ($2.5k approx) lakh from his pocket.

In the final year, college demanded full payment. As my dad had no money he gently asked the Secretary of the college (SAMS, Chennai) to allow me for the examimnation. He struck a deal of paying 1.5 lakh ASAP upon completion (the Secretary and Director are kind people).

I did take the exams and passed out in September 2011.

Unfortunately, my dad wasn’t able to pay 1.5 lakh. I was at home. And to kill time I took to freelance writing.

On I met an Israel SEO consultant and wrote content for him. Things were great till November 2012.

My dad had consistent abdominal pain. Upon diagnosis, it was found to be stage 4 cancer, a malignant one. He passed away on January 18 2013.

I was broken. Feelings were hard. No place to go. My dad owned a House in Mumbai which was near to a slum area. For the last 15 years we were living in Tamilnadu.

I sold the house and received 4 lakh in 2013 May (Actually, I was clearly cheated in this deal. The broker whom my dad had trusted in the past, clearly cheated me. I can see within the document that the house was sold at 13 lakh ($20k approx). I demanded an explanation. He gave several lame answers like my grandmother owned some debt, he needed some money to create documents etc. Finally, I kept quiet coz I needed the money desperately.)

I returned to Tamilnadu with 4 lakh ($6k approx). I planned to get back my degree certificate by paying 1.5 lakh.

But I thought about it and all seemed waste. Why? Because, even if I did get my certificates, I still have to hunt for job. Even if I did get a job, I will be working my ass off for someone who is leveraging me.

I decided to start my own business. It seemed risky but worth. If I get successful, I will have money and time to spend liberally. The only low set up business that I could aim was, an online business.

The Starting of My Online Career:

I was completely new to Affiliate Marketing. I got free ebooks from every possible site and blog. I read and re read them but nothing seemed to work.

It was then that I came across a course. This course promised that I will be making money online, not in a day, week or even a month but more than a couple of months.

The promise seemed genuine and the course was provided by ClickBank themselves. If you are not aware about ClickBank then it is largest digital book seller in the world. The greatest advantage however, though is that you get paid anywhere between $27 to $67 per sale (wow!)

I knew I could do it. And I made my first sale of $37 @ 4:30 am and my excitement cannot be described.

Just in case if you are curious to know about the course which I took, this is the one –>

After I got to know how to get online sales I took things to a higher level.

I purchased another three domains. This time the strategy was different. These three domains targeted a single niche. And all targeted a single keyword with partial domain name match.

I interlinked three of them. I wrote content on a daily basis for a month.

Soon, I noticed that one domain was ranking in the 30’s position. The keyword I chose was very low competition and had a monthly volume of just 400.

Now, I started to focus only on this domain that was ranking high. I wrote content daily on it and built some backlinks. I built all sorts of backlinks ranging from comment to Web 2s.

Eventually, it hit 6th position. And soon 1st.

However, I noticed that another keyword, with a volume of 1000 monthly searches was ranking at #28. I decided to get this keyword to #1.

At that time I didn’t know about building PBN’s (Private Blog Network). But I knew that quality links matters. And quality links are those backlinks coming from same niche.

And so I built some quality backlinks and within another 3 months the 1000/ month search keyword was at #1.

The product that I was promoting was making me $1800 per month. This was all the money I could imagine. Because converting it into INR @ 60 INR per $1 gives 1,08,000 which is One Lakh and Eighty thousand.

But then an Affiliate manager promoting another product within the niche contacted me. He said he would pay me flat commission for every sale. I gladly accepted.

The very first month I made $3k. And from then on I never stopped. Even today I build sites around various niches and target specific keywords.

Why Specific Keywords?

Not all keywords are buyer keywords. And not all buyer keywords are less competitive. Hence, the trick is to find buyer keywords with less competition. Which I shall teach you.

Fortunately, I have written all my secrets down and made in an ebook. For which you will have to pay $400.


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