[Sticky] Why Most of You Won't Make Money  


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Making money is everyone's dream. If not everyone's then most. And there are millions of way to make money.

Here you will learn how to make money online using Affiliate Marketing.

You don't require any sort of investment apart from buying domain, hosting and few other domains (optional).

This method works and has the possibility of making you a millionaire. But for this method to work it requires commitment. You are not going to make money with the snap of a finger. There is no magic.

You must stick to this method. You will fail most of the time but if you have patience then you will see the light at the end of tunnel. 

If this is your first time making money (apart from the regular job) you are going to face troubles ahead. There won't be a single soul on this planet who will push your dream. 

Your parents, wife, friends brothers and sisters will hardly hold your back because they all have their own dream. Sometimes they want You to pursue their dream.

Life is complicated and can sometimes be a shit hole. 

That is why you need to stay focused to get out of that shit hole. 

If you cannot commit to this method, for which I have wasted so much time then pls get out now. 

Don't waste your time and mine. 

For me, life is great and sometimes fucked up and I am happy with it.

This method requires a minimum of 6 month and a maximum of 1 year to see money flowing to your account. 

Cross your heart now and promise that you will stick to this method (part time or full time) at least for a year. 

If you are doing right, all you will need is working one hour per day. On some days it will take 2 hours max. 

Do not reinvent the wheel. First follow this method and then when you are successful you can invent your style. 

Simply put. Copy everything I say you to do. 

Still Good? That's Great!


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