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Do you remember the last time you wanted to buy a mobile or laptop? Most of you fired up Google (some might have used Bing) and typed in somewhat like 'which is the best phone for (the year or some feature)'

Google would have displayed some websites. you click on them, check out the features, specifications, reviews and ratings. Finally, below will be a link to, probably Amazon, some online store from where you can buy that phone.

You click that link, it takes you to Amazon, you buy that phone or laptop.

What you didn't know is that the link you clicked was an affiliate link through which the person who runs the websites get a commission of your purchase.

If you spent $1,000 on an item and if his commissions were 5% then the person easily earned $50. Just imagine that 10,000 people enter his website and out of those people 500 end up buying an item worth $50. Then his commissions alone would be 500x50= $25,000

Of course this is a typical example. I make only $4,000 on average per month. But I do know people who make the above amount. And I personally know a guy who once made $75,000 per day (people like him don't talk or share their earnings)

What we are going to do is

1. Choose A Niche

2. Find Low Competition Keyword

3. Build a Website Around the keyword

4. Rank the Website on first page of Google (so that when people search for the keyword they will enter your site)

5. People enter your Website, they make a purchase and buy from You! Cha Ching a commission is made.

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